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  1. TRM Maximo Advanced Asset Management Suite logo
    TRM Maximo AAM - Advanced Asset Management

    By TRM

    Cloud-based, turnkey enterprise maintenance that reduces costs, increases productivity, and improves asset uptime and reliability.

  2. APAD Solution logo
    Version 1 APAD Solution

    By Version 1 Software Limited

    Our analytical expertise can help you create and interpret customer insights. We can help you inform your strategy and policy, allocate resources, manage performance, market services, change behaviours and inform service design. The combination of our analytical expertise and the SPSS products provides almost limitless possibilities.

  3. Integrated online media solutions logo
    Integrated Online Media Solutions

    By base

    base provides integrated online media solutions for the sports, media and entertainment and content production industries. Working with customers to develop seamless workflows for the end-to-end production and distribution of content, in both hybrid and cloud-based infrastructures. Trusted by The Football Association, LADbible, Little Dot Studios and more.

  4. Profitability Solution logo
    PI Profitability Solution

    By Poslovna inteligencija d.o.o.

    Make your business operations profitable and achieve the full potential of your data! PI Profitability Solution is a generic solution based on IBM Planning Analytics platform that is scalable and completely adjustable to any organization and industry and any set of profit centers.

  5. KoreaPlus Statistics logo
    KoreaPlus Statistics

    By Data Solution

    Provide an easy-to-use GUI, specialized expertise that adds specialized statistical analysis functions that are not provided in SPSS, analytical solution that supports optimized functions in the field from test design to hypothesis verification and statistics after analysis. Provide appropriate analytical methods and statistics according to the data characteristics of the industry.

Built with IBM

  1. Virtual Guardian SOC logo
    Virtual Guardian 24/7 SOC

    By Virtual Guardian

    Powered by Qradar, our 24/7 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services safeguards organizations from digital assaults so they can focus on what matters – running their businesses.

  2. QRader , Incident Forensic , SOAR logo
    Cyber Fusion Center, CFC

    By Security Management Technology -SMT

    "SMT Cyber Fusion Center is not a conventional Security Operations Center, it's a powerhouse fueled by tech superheroes, engineered by SMT to a formidable defense." CFC has brought a new, innovative, It redefines Security Operations and Management by introducing cognitive systems built using Artificial Intelligence – Natural Language Understanding and Supervised Machine Learning

  3. Cyber Threat Defense logo
    Cyber Threat Defense

    By Cognizant

    Cognizant’s Cyber Threat Défense platform provides an integrated managed security solution powered by IBM Qradar on Cloud, ServiceNow & Threat Intelligence platforms, that can scale to the volume of data while ensuring to provide a holistic view of your IT Security to detect adv threats, suspicious user activity, policy violations, & helps you focus on protecting your business against attacks.


    By BrainCreators

    Created with road inspectors, for road inspectors. INSPECH revolutionizes inspections by automating workflows, enhancing efficiency, and empowering road professionals with AI-driven insights. Road data, collected via professional cameras or GoPros, is swiftly transformed into interactive digital twins on a dynamic map, offering an editable and efficient platform for inspection.

  5. iX logo
    iX GENIE

    By imaginX

    GENIE is one of the top enterprise AR solutions, that uses AR work instructions at scale to improve frontline worker productivity. With iX Genie, you can display high-polygon content, stream full AR or VR apps, and support AR/VR glasses, smartphones, and tablets with cross-platform compatibility.