Pay as you go products

How Pay as you go works

Pay as you go is a consumption-based pricing model (also known as metering, metered usage, or usage based) used by software companies to charge customers based on how much a customer uses a product each month. It is essentially the same as utility companies that bill based on how much gas or electricity a customer consumes each month.

After purchasing a Pay as you go product, Red Hat Marketplace receives usage data, either from the seller or from registered clusters, and then applies usage charges for the current month to the following month’s invoice. Red Hat Marketplace continues to bill until you cancel the subscription.

Usage charges

For Pay as you go products, Red Hat Marketplace bills according to usage charges. A usage charge equals the units used multiplied by the unit price per hour aggregated over the billing term. Units are defined by the seller and vary across products. Examples of charge units include per node, per vCPU, and per cluster. For example, for a product that charges $1.00 per node hour, the Red Hat Marketplace bills for node hours used multiplied by the price per node hour.

Monitor usage charges for the current month

View current usage charges under the Pending charges section of the Billing account information. Refer to View charges within the current month for more information on how to access it. The balance is updated as usage data is reported. The frequency of that data submission may differ between products (such as hourly, every 6 hours, or daily) but it should provide an estimate of the projected charges.

Since usage charge units vary across products, to verify charge information, refer to your Subscription plan.

View forecasted spend

Track active subscriptions and overall spend with the dashboard view by clicking on Workspace on the main menu and then Dashboard.

You can see the projected spend based on your history in the Spend Overview chart.

You can also manage active subscriptions and view which ones are expiring or renewing in the next 30 days.

Billing period for Pay as you go products

Red Hat Marketplace bills for usage monthly after the start of the subscription. For example, when you purchased a product on May 5th, the subscription term is for May 5th to June 4th. You would be billed on June 5th for the previous month’s usage.

Subscription term for Pay as you go products

For Pay as you go products, the subscription term is one month and automatically renews at the end of the term. You can cancel the subscription by disabling the auto-renewal flag on your subscription. Refer to Cancel a Pay as you go subscription for more details.

View and pay invoices

There is an invoice per product subscription as the billing term ends and the subscriptions are renewed.

View subscription plan details

After purchase, review subscription plan details on Workspace. Details include how Red Hat Marketplace charges, price per charge, and subscription term.


  • Log in to your account


  1. On the main menu, click Workspace, and then click Software.
  2. To view subscription plan details, click the product edition tile.


Subscription plan details show.

Cancel a Pay as you go subscription


  • Purchase a Pay as you go product edition


  1. On the main menu, click Workspace, and then click Software.
  2. Click the product edition tile. Subscription plan details show.
  3. To cancel the subscription, clear the auto-renewal checkbox.


At the end of the current subscription term, Red Hat Marketplace no longer bills for product usage.

Get support for billing and payment questions

Red Hat Marketplace support agents are available for any billing and payment questions. For questions, review our Support page.