Usage Data privacy

Overview on Usage Data

Usage Data is data collected from your licensed IBM software or third-party software and displayed throughout your Workspace. Usage Data includes metrics related to licensing and deployment environment. To learn more about Usage Data, refer to your Service Description.

Note: Usage Data contains no personal data or data managed within your deployed software.

Examples of Usage Data metrics

The following describes the types of metrics collected from licensed software and shows examples of each type.

License usage

These metrics are related to the purchasing terms associated to licensed software. Examples of license usage metrics include the following:

  • number of VPCs
  • number of resources
  • number of users

Deployment environment

These metrics are related to the environment your licensed software is deployed on and are collected during cluster registration. Examples of deployment environment metrics include the following:

  • cloud provider
  • cluster location
  • cluster ID
  • number of compute instances
  • number of nodes
  • operating system
  • Red Hat OpenShift version
  • total vCPU
  • total memory

Collecting Usage Data

Usage Data on licensed IBM software is collected via IBM License Service or IBM License Metric Tool. For third-party products, Usage Data is collected via IBM Metrics Operator and Red Hat Marketplace Deployment Operator.

IBM License Service

IBM License Service reports usage on IBM software that is operator-based and deployed to OpenShift. You can configure your OpenShift environment to deliver Usage Data to Dashboard.

IBM License Metric Tool

IBM License Metric Tool reports usage on IBM software that is deployed to environments other than OpenShift, including virtual machines, selected public clouds, logical partitions, and physical computers. You can configure the tool to send Usage Data to your Dashboard.

Platform Operators

For third-party products deployed to OpenShift, IBM Metrics Operator collects and sends Usage Data to your Dashboard.

Sharing Usage Data

As further described in the Service Description, Usage Data for IBM software is shared within IBM to help improve its products and services, to support and advise customers regarding their use of IBM products, or to offer additional IBM products and services.

IBM may share Usage Data with its affiliates and certain partners such as our resellers and global system integrators that technically assist IBM customers in the usage of IBM products. These resellers and global system integrators only have access to Usage Data for licensed IBM software for which they have contractual responsibility.

Note: IBM does not share Usage Data for third-party products within IBM or with thrid-parties.