View product usage data

Overview on viewing usage data

Usage dashboard shows usage data across all products on the account that are enabled to report usage. It also connects to usage details on individual products, including the location of the reported usage and usage per service.

On Usage dashboard, access the following data:

  • current usage for all products reporting usage on the account
  • usage details for individual products reporting usage on the account

This information helps admins gain visibility into potential usage overages, usage across product bundles, and more.

Note: Enabling usage reporting may take up to 48 hours before data shows on Usage dashboard.

Usage dashboard shows software consumption on the account.



  1. On the main menu, click Workspace, and then click Usage. The Current usage page shows.
  2. To view usage details per product, on the Current usage chart, click the product name.


Usage data shows for enabled products.

View current usage on the account

The Current usage chart shows the high-water mark for each product reporting usage for the given time window. To view the chart, navigate to Usage dashboard.

The chart shows the following data:

Export results

To export results, on Current usage, click Download.

View usage details per product

Product usage chart shows a summary of reported usage per product and the services and location of each deployment.

The Summary section shows the following data:

  • data source, either IBM License Service or IBM License Metric Tool
  • license status
  • reported daily usage by service
  • usage metric reported
  • high-water mark reported during the given time window

The Usage location section shows the following data:

Export results

To export results, on the Usage location section, click Download.

Filter usage data on Usage dashboard

To filter data, do one of the following options:

  • To view data month-to-date, quarter-to-date, or year-to-date, on Current usage and Product usage pages, from the time selector list, select an option.
  • To filter data by tag, click Filter, and then select available options.

About high-water mark

High-water mark is the highest daily usage measurement received for a given time window.

Add or update license details

To add or update license details, refer to Add licenses to products.