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ABeeDev is a solution covering all development engineering disciplines and orchestrating cohesion and traceability between all : Requirements Management, Design, Testing, Configuration, Change and Planning... An à la carte offer right through to security testing.

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A comprehensive SaaS project management solution covering : - Requirements Management : contracts, standards, regulations, specifications,... - Task Management, planning and reporting - Version Management and continuous integration as CI/CD - Global Configuration Management of product and product variants - Tests Management and control (manual and automated) - Design Modeling Management (i.e. UML / SysML) - Application Vulnerability testing with SAST, DAST and IAST

ELM_RM : Requirement Management and Traceability

8 key capabilities to well manage requirements: 1. granularity : to manage separately 2. Data hierarchy: Information can be organized logically and hierarchically 3. Traceability between elements: to link to specific requirements that satisfy 4. Attributes: available to qualify data, i.e priority, status 5. Collaboration: Using review, comment 6. Reporting : to keep informed and report on compliance 7. History: with change tracking history 8. Security: Access to information is controlled

ELM_CCM : Task and Planning Management + Version control

The following capabilities are supplied: 1. Activity Management where several types of Work Items with specific Workflow can be defined 2. Scheduling and Reporting allows to diplay the Project, Teams and Member activity workload and progress 3. Version control supply the means to version any kind of files contained in components, these can be modified with parallel development on different Streams if necessary, and the component version is frozen with Baseline.

ELM_QM : Test Plan Management and Execution Reporting

The following capabilities are supplied: 1. Define the Test Plan by configuring the relevant Sections and the Requirements collection to be verified and linked with Test Cases 2. Refine the Test Cases with Test Scripts and ensure all selected Requirements are covered 3. Execute the Test Cases on-line or off-line, create any related Defect due to test failure, and generate execution report

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