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Intel oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit

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Accelerate end-to-end data science and machine learning pipelines using popular Python based tools and frameworks optimized for performance and interoperability on Intel Platforms.

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OpenShift 4.7+

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Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit (AI Kit) provides a comprehensive set of interoperable AI software tools that help enterprises to seamlessly accelerate and scale end-to-end ML workflows from research to production on Intel architectures. It offers familiar opensource Python libraries and frameworks optimized for performance with no additional development cost, so that Data Scientists and ML developers can focus on algorithms and data rather than provisioning and orchestrating resources.

Optimized Deep Learning Training and Inference

Leverage popular, Intel-optimized frameworks—TensorFlow and PyTorch—to use the full power of Intel® architecture and yield high performance for training and inference. The toolkit also provides open-source, pretrained, machine-learning models to expedite development along with the Intel® Neural Compressor for automatic accuracy-driven tuning strategies and additional model optimizations for performance, model size and memory footprint.

Drop-in Acceleration for Classical ML Algorithms

Increase machine-learning model accuracy and performance for popular algorithms in Scikit-Learn and XGBoost on Intel architectures, with simple one-line of code change. The toolkit further helps to scale out efficiently to clusters and perform distributed machine learning with big data.

Simplified Scaling across Multi-node Pandas DataFrames

Seamlessly scale and accelerate Pandas workflows to multicores and multi-nodes with only one line of code change using the Intel® Distribution of Modin*, an extremely lightweight and performant parallel DataFrame system.

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