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By Cambridge Semantics

Certified enterprise ready

Massively scalable graph database for analytics and data harmonization

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OpenShift 4.4

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Discover one of the fastest, most scalable, distributed graph databases purpose-built for high-performance analytical insights. Use cases include data integration of disparate data for the creation of knowledge graphs. Gain key insights using native graph algorithms, data warehouse-style analytics.

Optimized for analytics speed and scale

Offers ultra-fast data loading and ultra-fast analytical queries. Used when you need performance and data volume capacity to linearly scale as you add servers. Connectors are available for a wide variety of sources to help you augment your analytical workloads with a fast graph database.

Analyze the relationships

Take on analytical challenges that were difficult or impossible with a traditional RDBMS. The descriptive vocabulary expressed in SPARQL/OWL and graph algorithms gets you there faster.

Data Virtualization and Knowledge Graphs

AnzoGraph DB's flexible data model lets you load or virtualize diverse data sets for analysis. The schema-less graph database model simplifies knowledge graph creation and is extremely powerful for analytics.


Powerful geospatial capabilities based on OGC and GeoSPARQL standards let you represent and analyze complex location relationships without expensive JOINs.

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