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Apliqo FPM - Financial Performance Management

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Apliqo FPM - Financial Performance Management

By Apliqo AG

Apliqo FPM offers entreprise-level analysis at scale. An intuitive piece of software that manages the complexity of your organisation and pulls out the key insights that truly make a difference.

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The Apliqo Financial Performance Management (FPM) is a comprehensive financial planning tool that helps organizations integrate complexity and generate accurate insights for informed decision-making. Through strategic alignment, immediate results, single source-of-truth system, and infinite configurability, Apliqo FPM is the tool that can drive alignment, boost productivity and foster collaboration throughout the enterprise.

Strategic Alignment

Clearly define your strategy and then track your progress at various levels of abstraction. Apliqo FPM helps you to manage these layers of analytics seamlessly, unifying them for optimal collaboration and performance management.

Single Source of Truth

The FPM solution can become your financial hub, collating all the relevant financial informations for every different stakeholders who need it. Say goodbye to version control, miscommunication, and other obstacles – FPM is your one-stop-shop for your organisation’s financial data.

Infinite Configurability

Your business is complex and your financial software should be flexible enough to adapt to your organisation. FPM combines tried and tested methodologies out of the box with infinitely configurable business logic to deliver at a fine tuned that works for your specific needs.

Immediate Results

The proprietary methodology combined with the unified Apliqo foundation allows for lightning-fast results in real-time across a wide range of reports, models, and visualisations. Get in, get out, and get moving forward.