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Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Optimize your business with APOLLO! Powered by IBM software Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1), APOLLO ist an integrated planning solution for P&L and cash flow planning based on ready-made parameterizable templates and business best practices. Due to the predefined scenarios, the solution can be implemented in a short time and is therefore also suitable for medium-sized businesses.

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RHEL 7, 8

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Think big – start small! Integrated modules, which can be expanded step by step: pre-configured and quickly implemented. Based on IBM Planning Analytics technology APOLLO provides all standard functions for the CFO area: planning, reporting, analysis and consolidation as well as workflows, cockpits, prediction, optimization for controlling and optimization. High degree of prefabrication with many standard functions and at the same time easy adaptability Intuitive and user-friendly interface!

Integrated Business Planning

Create an integrated business plan for your company or group. Use focussed special modules like PnL, Balance, CashFlow, Sales, HR, Invest, Loans.


Simulate the effects of single measures on the business plan of your company or group. Derive simulation scenarios and compare the scenarios to gain insights and support decisions.


Collect company and group data and support your monthly reporting process.

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APOLLO licenses contain licenses for IBM Planning Analytics (excluded IBCS-module and tools)

Users are named users.

Every user is allowed to gain admin-privileges

Busines case based licensing by modules

Base module is mandatory

Unlimited Servers (prod, test, qa etc.) with one license.