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By Randoli

Certified enterprise ready

App Director is a Kubernetes native CI & CD platform . App Director helps high performing teams ship software faster, scale sharing of best practices and improve their DevSecOps.

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OpenShift 4.8+

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With App Director you gain: GitOps made easy, enhanced Tekton experience, simplified Kubernetes, reduced supply chain security risk, discoverable and shareable template catalog. If you do not already have access to App Director or would like more information, please contact us at

Build & Share Golden Paths

Build golden paths to capture best practices and enforce standards. Accelerate platform engineering by hooking up to your IDP

GitOps Made Easy

Easily define and discover GitOps templates. No YAML/ Kustomize needed. UI based workflow creates PRs to a git repository. Secret management via External Secrets Integration

Enhanced Tekton Experience

Create a Tekton pipeline within minutes using built-in tasks. Bring your own custom tasks to create customer's pipelines. Integrate with your favourite scanning tools. Aggregate build logs across multiple clusters

Simplify Kubernetes

Intuitive UI to guide new developers on Kubernetes. Get started immediately with built-in templates

Reduce Supply Chain Security Risk

87% of containers are running with 'high' & 'critical' vulnerabilities (sysdig 2023). Shift left and bring CVE awareness earlier. Integrate your favourite scanning tools: Snyk, Stackrox, Trivy & Sonarqube

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