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Elevate your transportation organization’s operations with an asset management solution that has more than 200 powerful transportation specific, predefined, out-of-the-box accelerators, including industry-standard automated workflows, user groups, asset hierarchies, data attributes, business processes, and an intuitive mobile solution, powered by IBM Maximo.

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Transform your organization with an Enterprise Asset Management solution designed for transportation owners and operators built on IBM Maximo, with pre-configured business processes and data hierarchies. Arcadis delivers a single system and source of truth across all asset types a transportation owner or operator maintains - buildings and facilities, vehicles and rolling stock, and linear assets such as railroad track, signaling/communications systems, and runways.

Powerful Transportation Business Processes & Workflows

Standardized, transportation industry-led business logic is implemented in a repeatable way which saves you time, resources, and budget. You get more than 200 predefined, out-of-the-box accelerators that include industry-standard manual and automated business processes and workflows.

Transportation Asset Hierarchies, Attributes & Modelling

Gain unparalleled visibility and control over your assets. EAM Core’s industry-focused solution captures and manages complex transportation industry specific infrastructure asset hierarchies, such as tracks, switches, signalling systems, and rolling stock, as well as facilities, buildings, bridges, structures, electrical systems, and ancillary equipment.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance and Safety

Experience robust regulatory compliance features that facilitate adherence to transportation industry standards and regulations, while accommodating controlled routes for temporary non-compliance acceptance and derogations when required. This allows you to mitigate risks, avoid penalties, and maintain a safe, reliable transportation network.

Purpose Built Mobile Work Execution Application

Arcadis’s Mobile Work Execution (MWE) is a purpose-built iOS/Android application, optimized for both mobile and tablet devices. MWE has been designed to simplify and modernize the way users interact with EAM Core on-the-go. Working on or offline, the app is designed with a focus on work order and task processing, optimizing the experience to give users a clear layout that requires the fewest number of taps to complete a task.

Visually Manage Yards and Fleet with FAM

Arcadis’s Fleet Availability Management (FAM) module is a comprehensive platform that simplifies fleet management for rail and bus fleets. The solution provides a user-friendly interface that offers complete visibility of your fleet’s positioning, availability, work orders, and more. With intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities, and visual representations of unit status and location, managing rail asset shunting across roads, coupling, and uncoupling has never been easier.

Manage Leased Property Obligations, Preservations and Terms

Manage the important details of property and built asset lease details inside your EAM solution. Property, Lease and Spaces (PLS) significantly extend Maximo’s functionality by associating property lease agreement abstracts with both owned and leased buildings and facilities, making the data searchable and reportable, and providing visibility to the property managers and maintenance teams.