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Argos Investigation -

By Cogniware

Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The unique analytical system that can process large amounts of information from various sources, both within the company and outside it. Argos can handle structured and unstructured data (multimedia files) such as audio, video, images, and text documents. Using, you can connect to data in minutes, quickly get trusted insights and reduce your data warehouse costs.

Runs on

RHEL 7, 8

Delivery method


Smooth connection of Argos analytical platform with available data using the latest IBM open lakehouse. Tailored for the needs of law enforcement, the solution integrates with widely-used databases like IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc. and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, and real-time data streaming sources like Kafka. Given the sensitive nature of the data, Argos and IBM prioritize state-of-the-art security protocols to prevent breaches and unauthorized access.

Unified Intelligence Platform

Consolidate vast data sets from diverse sources into a unified platform, ensuring accurate and fast intelligence retrieval.

Accelerated Investigations

The fusion of Argos with IBM means investigations that used to take weeks can now be accelerated, with data analytics pointing directly to actionable insights.

Scalable for National Security

Whether it's a local police department or a national secret service agency, the integrated system scales to accommodate vast data sets without compromising on speed or accuracy.

Prepared data models

Agencies can swiftly and efficiently access predefined patterns and trends tailored for security and investigative scenarios.

Real-world Data Inclusion

With the flexibility to integrate common data tools, agencies can incorporate real-world data swiftly into their intelligence pool.