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Bamboo Rose Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail

Bamboo Rose  Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail logo
Bamboo Rose  Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail logo

Bamboo Rose Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail

By Bamboo Rose

Connects all members of the product and supply chain community to drive value.  We increase efficiency and speed to market by managing all product categories on one platform and reduce risk with total visibility across all business units.

Delivery method


Our suite of supply chain solutions offers retailers, brands, and suppliers complete, end-to-end visibility throughout the product creation and delivery process. And with the help of Rosie, our Intelligent AI Assistant, you’ll be able to bring pinpoint accuracy to costing, scheduling, and optimization


Retailers, brands, wholesalers, and franchisees can easily collaborate and transact with their global supplier base, allowing for a streamlined, cost-efficient sourcing process. View and filter through available product 24/7, share product inspirations with internal teams, and collaborate effectively with suppliers, eliminating the need for third-party communication tools.  

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM manages design, development, and testing of merchandise from initial inspiration to specification. Whether the design is done internally or with partners, or products are bought directly from suppliers, PLM enables the development of quality merchandise with reduced cycle times. Streamlined collaboration and improved visibility increases productivity and the ability to make more educated product decisions. 


Retailers and Manufacturers can plan and source across channels, initiate requests for quote, analyze costs, compare bids, share information, and complete negotiations. Organizations can lock factory capacity, manage consumption and liabilities, and effortlessly track production status. Retailers can drill into the financial impact of designs, materials, assortments, and review against plans to achieve margin targets.

Order Management

Order Management handles factory, sample, customer, divisional, and replenishment orders, taking weeks out of the order placement process.  The system alerts users to PO changes and errors, which enables buyers to proactively adjust orders, improve vendor governance, and avoid logistic complications. Order Management can coexist with an existing ERP system and be used for import orders only, or it can provide the full user experience for all orders.

Global Trade Management (GTM)

With GTM, retailers, suppliers, freight forwarders, carriers, customs brokers, and banks have a unified view of financial, logistics and compliance operations.  GTM gives organizations end-to-end visibility, from production and port of departure to port of entry and distribution center delivery. Organizations can holistically assess the actual landed cost of goods, as well as manage country-specific import and export processes.  

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