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By Tovie AI

Use the power of Banking and Insurance Assistant to address any challenges in the financial services industry - from common to complex

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Automate routine tasks, reduces churn, cuts costs, and transforms the overall customer experience with Banking Assistant. The assistant inside a branded mobile bank app can be customised to perform any task to meet the business needs. Designed with a brand-specific voice and an intuitive user interface, it provides customers with personalised financial advice, based on their individual financial situation and goals.

Lower customer support costs

Poor customer support ranks among the leading reasons why many users switch service providers. However, a conversational AI banking bot offers 24/7 support and significantly improves the overall customer experience.

Speedier payment services

By implementing purpose-built sales bots, financial organisations can dramatically reduce the time it takes to process payments.

Improved customer acquisition

Bank bots serve as personal financial advisors, simplifying the complexities of financial services. With their low-cost and easy implementation, they can reach a broader audience while significantly reducing the drop-off rate, minimising customer acquisition time and expenses.

Personalised experiences

AI banking chatbots use customer data to customise their experience, taking into account their preferences, previous inquiries, and personal information. All of this is accomplished within a secure infrastructure.

Human-like interactions

AI-driven banking bots provide responses to customer inquiries in a natural and conversational manner. By delivering a more engaging customer experience, these AI bots enhance customer satisfaction and foster loyalty.

Multilingual support

AI chatbots for banking communicate with customers in multiple languages, allowing financial organisations to assist international customers, и speak the language they are comfortable with.

Cross-selling and up-selling

Banking bots have the ability to recommend pertinent products and services to customers by analysing their preferences and behaviour. This increases the chances of upgrading customers to higher-end items. Additionally, decision engines can predict each customer's propensity to respond to cross-selling or upselling offers, whether it be for mortgages, loans, or other relevant offerings.

Increased accessibility

Conversational interfaces empower individuals with disabilities by facilitating communication through various channels such as text, voice, and more. This inclusivity ensures that financial services are accessible to all, fostering an inclusive and accommodating customer experience.