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Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Boat.Alert is an advanced real-time application and infrastructure monitoring tool. It offers a wide range of functionalities that aid in the management and optimization of IT systems' performance. Here are some key features of the Boat.Alert product

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RHEL 7, 8

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- Automatic dependency tracking - Microservices monitoring - Fault detection and response - Performance analysis - Public cloud and container monitoring - Visualization and reporting - Integrations and extensibility These functionalities empower IT teams to comprehensively monitor and manage applications across cloud, microservices, and traditional environments. Boat.Alert is an excellent tool for enhancing the performance, availability, and quality of IT systems.

Integrations and extensibility

Boat.Alert seamlessly integrates with various development tools and monitoring systems, including Jira, Slack, Grafana, and others. Additionally, it allows for integration with messaging platforms such as Signal and SMS for notifications. Furthermore, the product can be extended through custom scripts and tools.

Visualization and reporting

Boat.Alert provides advanced data visualization features, enabling the creation of charts, graphs, and dashboards. It also offers the generation of performance and availability reports

Fault detection and response

Boat.Alert automatically detects failures and performance issues, providing real-time notifications and alerts. This empowers IT teams to promptly respond and resolve problems, minimizing application downtime.

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