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Citadel - SIEM as a Service

By Celerity Limited

Citadel Managed Siem, powered by IBM QRadar, excels at swiftly detecting and reporting threats, ensuring continuous safeguarding of vital assets.

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Enhance your security by entrusting SIEM management to our IBM-certified security experts. We expertly optimise resource allocation, bolstering your cybersecurity posture and reducing operational risks. Citadel Managed Siem, powered by IBM QRadar, excels at swiftly detecting and reporting threats, ensuring continuous safeguarding of vital assets. Achieve real-time threat visibility by swiftly identifying threats through consolidated data, ensuring comprehensive protection for your organisation.

24 x 7 x 365 Cyber Security Service

Dedicated team of cyber security experts available 24x7x365, ensures that your organisation's digital assets are continuously safeguarded against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Their expertise extends to real-time threat monitoring, incident response, and proactive threat mitigation, providing you with a rapid and effective defence mechanism to face the dynamic challenges of the cybersecurity landscape.

Continuous Real-time Monitoring & Alerting

Around the clock, 365 days a year, your organisation's digital environment is under vigilant surveillance. Our team of security experts leverages state-of-the-art technology to meticulously monitor all network activities, ensuring the swift detection of any anomalies or suspicious behavior.

AI Driven User Behaviour Analytics

Spot user-centric threats and insider risks before they escalate into major issues. AI-driven user behaviour analytics and user risk modelling serve as vigilant sentinels, continually monitoring and assessing user activities to ensure your organisation remains protected from potential security threats, preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical assets.

Compliance & Reporting

Ensure your organisation remains compliant against PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, CEPlus etc. Comprehensive compliance and reporting provide you with the assurance that your digital operations adhere to these critical regulatory frameworks, helping you maintain the trust of your stakeholders and safeguard sensitive data.

Experienced Cyber Security Analysts

Each incident will be assessed and investigated by a dedicated security team with expertise spanning various industries, ensuring a comprehensive and industry-relevant approach to threat detection and mitigation. These analysts bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, enabling them to adapt and respond effectively to the unique challenges and risks your organisation may face in its specific industry and digital landscape.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Aggregating data from diverse sources, we expedite threat detection and bolster our proactive response capabilities. This comprehensive approach places our Citadel Managed SIEM service at the vanguard of cybersecurity, delivering timely and effective protection against a wide spectrum of emerging threats. It also ensures a holistic understanding of the full threat landscape, allowing us to proactively address evolving security challenges.

User Behaviour Analysis

The capability to identify and mitigate insider threats by monitoring and analysing user activities, providing an essential layer of security for your organisation. Advanced User Behaviour Analysis not only detects insider threats but also leverages machine learning and AI to provide early warning signs, enabling swift response and minimising potential damage.

Scalability & Flexibility

Bebefit from seamless scalability, enabling you to effortlessly expand your security coverage to monitor systems across diverse environments, whether in the cloud, on-premises or within a hybrid infrastructure. This adaptability ensures that your cybersecurity solutions grow with your evolving needs while maintaining robust threat detection capabilities.