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CMS Data Entrepreneurs Synthetic Public Use File - DESynPUF

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CMS Data Entrepreneurs Synthetic Public Use File - DESynPUF


Synthetic Medicare patient data public use file

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Sep 21, 2020

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The DE-SynPUF dataset by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) was created with the goal of providing a realistic set of claims data in the public domain while providing the very highest degree of protection of the Medicare beneficiaries’ protected health information.

The files have been designed so that programs and procedures created on the DE-SynPUF will function on CMS Limited Datasets. The data structure of the Medicare DE-SynPUF is very similar to the CMS Limited Data Sets, but with a smaller number of variables. The DE-SynPUF also provides a robust set of metadata on the CMS claims data that have not been previously available in the public domain. Although the DE-SynPUF has very limited inferential research value to draw conclusions about Medicare beneficiaries due to the synthetic processes used to create the file, the Medicare DE-SynPUF does increase access to a realistic Medicare claims data file in a timely and less expensive manner to spur the innovation necessary to achieve the goals of better care for beneficiaries and improve the health of the population.

The DE-SynPUF contains five types of data –

  1. Beneficiary Summary
  2. Inpatient Claims
  3. Outpatient Claims
    4.Carrier Claims
  4. Prescription Drug Events.


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