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Operating System for Machine Learning & AI providing an end-to-end machine learning platform to build and deploy AI models at scale

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OpenShift 4.3+

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Operator is an AI OS, transforming the way enterprises manage, scale and accelerate AI and data science development from research to production. The code-first platform is built by data scientists, for data scientists and offers flexibility to run on-premise or cloud. With Model-management, MLOps and continual machine learning solutions, brings top of the line technology to data science teams so they can spend less time on DevOps and focus on the real magic - algorithms.

Machine Learning Pipelines

Compose a pipeline from datasets through data preparation to many training models running in parallel, with the best performing model picked for deployment. Models in deployments are monitored and can trigger a rerun of the pipeline. Each task in the pipeline can run on different resource (GPU or CPU) and in different Kubernetes cluster (on-prem or cloud).

AI Library

Onboard your company chosen models and share across researches, data scientists, DevOps and MLOps engineers. The models are ready to run and attach to any pipeline with a single click. Any AI library model can be tuned based on hyper parameters.

Compute Templates

Onboard machines (GPUs and CPUs) and cloud instances, and create 'slices' of compute - compute templates (such as 2x V100, or 8 CPU cores) to use across the teams. Attach compute template of your choice to any trained model, accomplishing multiple experiments running in parallel, utilizing the resources in the most optimized way.

Dataset Hub

Central location for all the organization datasets, creating queried sub datasets, versions and assigned sharing permissions.

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Full deployment capabilities

Connect any resource on prem or cloud

Unlimited & non-stop containers

Run +3000 jobs/yr

Launch 100s of experiments

24/7 customer service

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