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Compose Operation Platform/Compose Collection

By Compose IT Nordic AB

Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Compose Operation Platform/ Compose Collections (CC) is a collection of ready to use scripts, advanced automation, reports and dashboards that Compose IT have developed to a useful toolbox. The main advantage of Compose Collection is that the user will be able to fully utilize Netcool Operation Insight (NOI) and WatsonAiops with only a few hours of training on the modules in Compose Collection.

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RHEL 7, 8

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With our long experience gained by working with Netcool in our customers environments we have learnt what is needed to get a good start and in an efficient manner get most value out of the technology as well as the organization. We have gathered over 600 000 hours experience and are always searching for smarter ways to create value in our customers environments.

Dynamic Event Management (DEM)

Dynamic Event Management is an application that includes both a user-friendly GUI, a rule- and automation engine as well as a predefined data model with associated triggers. The solution has been built based on our knowledge and together with our customers during the years we have been working as Netcool consultants. In a traditional Netcool implementation a lot of work must be done in the probe rule files and to get all information and logic to each event a lot of coding must be done.

Reports and Visualization

When a good Event Classification has been done the way to informational Reports and Dashboards is short. We have developed a set of reports and dashboards to ensure operational safety, fast response time and good follow-up opportunities. The reports and dashboards can be adapted for every customer need with a minor adaptation. • Reports • Dashboards • History Search tool • Dynamic Sidebar

Event Routing

Together with Dynamic Event Management, Event Routing is an add on functionality for customers who are working in a more DevOps like organisation. Event Routing gives you the possibility to “route” specified events based on your defined rules and Service Profiles to a new DevOps group. • Team based logic. Based on individual schedules • Event Action and Routing per team/application

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard is developed to further enhance the functionality of Omnibus WebGUI. You can easily create your own Dashboards with the help of drag and drop functionality. Each user or DevOps team can have their own Dashboard, or the same predefined set of Dashboards filled with different data. Predefined widgets are available to easily build a Dashboard that meets each user's requirements and needs. An example of this is the GIS based map widget which plots out the alarms on a Google map.

Maintenance Scheduler

One of the most important information in Event Management is to be able to enrich every incoming event with correct maintenance and planned change information. The Maintenance Scheduler is used to handle that challenge and gives you the possibility to register your planned changes and maintenance windows both as reoccurring and temporary in a user-friendly GUI.


“You should not show something for someone that you don’t expect someone to do anything about”. But when you do that, it’s a good idea to let that person know what to do. The Knowledgebase module in Compose Collection let you structure your knowledgebase articles and connect them to one or more events. Based on the matching you can have more than one article connected to the event (ie. One or more general and one or more specific articles for just that event)

Self Monitoring 2.0

An Event Management platform also needs to be monitored. The Self Monitoring module is developed to monitor the Netcool platform and other services or functions outside the Netcool system installation in order to secure the operation. Self Monitoring is designed to test and monitor all the common Netcool troubleshooting commands on a regular basis. This means that the initial troubleshooting time, in the case of system problem or failure, is kept to a minimum.

Dynamic Admin Portal

Dynamic Admin Portal (DAP) is an administration interface for Watson AIOps/Netcool configuration. The configuration in Netcool is distributed on many different places. With DAP all configuration files is centrally managed with automated backup and tracking. This allows for detailed history, audit and allow you to connect Netcool to a code repository like GitHub for version tracking.

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