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ContextQA - Test Automation Platform

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Empower your organization with ContextQA's advanced AI-driven testing capabilities. Predict potential test case failures with AI, simplify automation, and enhance security with DAST testing. Achieve comprehensive testing, seamless integration with JIRA and Jenkins, and advanced AI features like auto-healing. Elevate software quality, reduce expenses, and expedite product delivery.

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Transform your organization's testing landscape with our innovative low-code/no-code solution. Effortlessly incorporate Test cases, boosting automation coverage rapidly and efficiently. Our tool facilitates seamless regression testing for features and entire Dev cycles, mitigating team burnout. Also, Our tool integrates with JIRA, Asana,, and CI/CD platforms like Jenkins, CircleCI, and harness for automated test triggers, enabling true continuous testing.

Mobile App Testing

Our robust platform employs sophisticated algorithms and AI technology to identify glitches, enhance performance, and guarantee seamless user experiences on a plethora of mobile devices and operating systems.

Salesforce Testing

Make Your Business Processes Smarter with ContextQA's AI-Enhanced Salesforce Testing. ContextQA offers a low-code testing automation solution that caters to Salesforce users, regardless of their expertise level. Execute comprehensive end-to-end tests for every workflow you create in the cloud

DAST (Security) Testing

DAST Testing with ContextQA looks for security vulnerabilities in your software application. Its advanced AI capabilities help in identifying potential security threats, making the resolution process quicker and more efficient.

AI-Driven Root Cause Analysis

This is a process of identifying the underlying cause of a problem. It can be used to identify the root cause of software bugs, performance issues, and other problems. Root cause analysis can be done manually or with the help of tools.

Cross-Browser Testing/ Cross Device Testing

With Cross-Browser Testing, ContextQA ensures your software application works seamlessly across different browsers. Its automated test scripts and reports simplify the process, saving you time and resources. Also, it ensures your application works flawlessly across different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It's AI-driven capabilities and detailed logs make Cross-Device Testing a breeze.

Web Performance Testing

Web Performance Testing ensures your application loads quickly and performs well on the web. ContextQA’s comprehensive performance analytics helps you identify bottlenecks and optimize your application for peak performance.

JIRA Integration

Discover how ContextQA's seamless JIRA Integration enhances your project management and software testing processes. Embrace the power of unified requirements, test cases, and bug management with ContextQA's extensive features.

Video Recording / Trace Viewer / Network / Console Logs /

ContextQA tool provides invaluable insights into user behavior, debugging, and performance optimization. Video Recording captures user interactions, Trace Viewer simplifies debugging, and network logs, console logs, and network traces offer detailed records for swift issue resolution, enhancing your team's productivity.