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Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes

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Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes

By Crunchy Data

Certified enterprise ready

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is the leading Kubernetes native Postgres solution. Built on PGO, the Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data, Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes gives you a declarative Postgres solution that automatically manages your PostgreSQL clusters.

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OpenShift 4.2+

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Enables hybrid-cloud enterprise PostgreSQL-as-a-Service on OpenShift. Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes provides the essential features required to manage an enterprise PostgreSQL environment, including: - Provisioning - High-Availability - Disaster Recovery (Backups & Restores) - Monitoring - Advanced Authentication and Authorization control

High Availability

Deploy highly available PostgreSQL clusters ensuring your data is always available when you need it.

Disaster Recovery

Deploy advanced enterprise ready open source PostgreSQL backup and restore capability.

Advanced Security

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL is certified at Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2+ to ensure it is the most trusted open source enterprise PostgreSQL distribution. Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL is the first commercially available open source relational database management system to receive Common Criteria certification.

Turnkey Monitoring

Easily deploy Kubernetes native open source PostgreSQL monitoring capability built with leading tools Prometheus and Grafana.

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