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Secure your cloud workload in minutes, and empower DevOps to automatically deploy secured environments. Create an inherently resilient environment where only valid workloads can run, communicate, and access data.

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Ensure only authorized, uncompromised workloads can run, communicate & access data. A unique DNA for each microservice in the CI/CD is built by mapping all binaries, scripts & configurations. Each workload code DNA is continuously authenticated against the original, creating an automatically resilient environment. Any attempt to alter the DNA (attack the microservice, inject code, exploit vulnerability) is immediately identified & prevented, creating a zero-trust layer on top of the environment.

Unsurpassed Security

Automatically protect your environment against attack and unsanctioned change. Obtain complete cloud workload protection in minutes. Get deterministic malware prevention, including against Zero-Day and Fileless malware. Unlike AI-based solutions there are no false positives. Inherent resiliency to software vulnerabilities with automatic remediation and self-healing environments. Complete protection for your data: at rest, in-transit and in-use. Transparent encryption and key management.

Completely frictionless

Fully and seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD pipeline. Continuously and automatically updates with your workload. Works smoothly across environments and reduces overhead and complexity of security configuration and management. No changes to your app required and works anywhere: Linux, Windows, container, processes.

Get Unrivaled Insights

You get workload observability with zero overhead. Achieve process-level visibility for every workload – files, network, and execution patterns. Manage cyber incidents and alerts and get memory and network traces with the click of a button.

Malware Protection: Including In-memory Protection

Prevent attacks in MITRE Attack framework. No one can change the original code, including injecting code or DLLs, even in interpreted languages like Python. Get full in-memory protection: it’s the only solution to stop fileless malware and protect the workload while it runs. Inherent support for zero-day attacks and you don't have to worry about vulnerabilities and invest in patching each one – as no one can use it as part of a cyber attack.

Advanced Micro-segmentation & Cross Environment Connectivity

Control thousands of workloads with a simple, logical policy. Traffic is encrypted with the most advanced encryption (mTLS). You have full visibility of the communication patterns between different workloads. Cross-location connectivity is possible – you can easily connect your cloud workload to the on-premises workload.

Data Protection And Encryption Key Management

Data is encrypted at rest. When in use, keys are protected using patented technology that is virtually unbreakable. Only approved workloads can access the data. Access policy is easy to use – you don't have to be an encryption expert. Simplify key management: you can split the keys in a way such that the entire key will never be kept in one place.

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