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DataSprint the Secure Accelerated File Transfer Management Solution

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DataSprint the Secure Accelerated File Transfer Management Solution

By DOT Group Ltd

Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Affordable professional-grade file transfer service. DataSprint is a pre-configured solution, including all the required IBM Aspera options, integration services for fast installation and secure, high reliability 24/7 operations. With speeds of up to 20Gbps it’s the smart choice for your high-speed file transfer needs at a fixed quarterly cost. Unlimited users. Unlimited data.

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Built on proven IBM technologies DataSprint can securely transfer terabytes of data across the world at ultra high speed using your existing internet connection. Regardless of distance or region. A ready-to-go solution that can be deployed in your own data centre, at your office or in the cloud. A service where we manage the software on your behalf and take away the complexities of configuring and maintaining it. Also includes expert support and advice in one low, fixed-cost package.

Highest Security file transfers

Enterprise-grade Security: 128-256 bit AES encryption of data in flight as well as encryption-at-rest. This means that every time you transfer a file all data packets transmitted are encrypted, and there are options to also encrypt your files as they are stored on your storage on-premise or in the cloud. Unlike other “shadow IT”solutions, DataSprint contains your data within your control and your organization. You have full control over where your data is stored and how it is encrypted.

Highest Speed transfers at Lowest Cost

Choose from: • 45Mbps • 2.5Gbps • 100Mbps • 300Mbps • 500Mbps • 5Gbps • 10Gbps Licensed on aggregate bandwidth required inbound / outbound separately. Example: 500Mbps license provides total of 500Mbps inbound, and 500Mbps outbound. A500Mbps license will accommodate 3 simultaneous transfers @ 150Mbps, or 10 @ 50Mbps. DataSprint allows you to transfer single files of many terabytes as well as unlimited sized collections of files.

Automatic transfers and monitoring

Easy to use automation functions to manage many simultaneous transfers Unprecedented Control: Dedicated monitoring dashboard shows every transfer in detail

Unlimited Users and Workspaces

Includes all the options for multiple users and workspaces to allow quick configuration and fast onboarding of new end points.

Rich Feature Set for every situation

DataSprint is a cloud-agnostic, unlimited high speed transfer node expansion, adaptive rate control, congestion avoidance, folder sharing and desktop sync are just some of the features included. DataSprint also has a minimum of 1TB cloud burst transfer data and cloud storage included per month to get you started.