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Debt Collections Bot

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Debt Collections Bot

By Tovie AI

Automate all aspects of the default management process, reduce costs and deliver better debtor engagement with Debt Collections Bot

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Increases the level of automation of the debt recovery process. The Debt Collections Bot is able to initiate millions of interactions across multiple channels, have a personalised conversation with a debtor, empathise with their situations and gather unique data. AI automation in debt collections allows to save up to 50% on agents. Investment in this type of automation can lead to higher conversion rates and thus better long-term revenue.

Improve loan repayment rates

Clients who have outstanding debts often hesitate to openly discuss their financial obligations, ignoring messages and calls from debt collectors. By interacting with a robot, customers will feel less pressured and more comfortable, as they are aware they are speaking to a bot.

Take the load off collection managers’ duties

Employing a single collections bot that operates 24/7 makes it possible to significantly improve contact centre productivity. This bot is designed specifically to cater to various debt collection practices, equipped with script samples and debtor status lists.

Automate customer coverage

Streamline your current default management process by implementing customised call flows. Utilise the data collected by the bot to make informed decisions and receive real-time results.

Manage debt recovery with better efficiency

The virtual assistant proactively initiates automated calls to customers who have fallen behind on their payments, facilitating the debt collection process.