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By Red Sift

Blocks phishing/spoofing attacks and increases deliverability of legitimate emails.

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OnDMARC is a cloud-based application that enables organizations to quickly configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all their legitimate email sources. OnDMARC's intuitive, self-service solution and use of AI ensures customers are guided throughout the process, leading to both meaningful experiences and more successful outcomes. Our partnerships with Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) Providers also supports customers to deploy BIMI.

Dynamic DMARC

Manage DMARC, DKIM and SPF records from right inside the OnDMARC interface without needing to access your DNS.

Dynamic SPF

Overcome the 10 lookup limit by using a single dynamic include to combine all authorized services correctly at the point of query.

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification)

Increase brand recall, improve email open rates, and influence buyer behavior by putting your trademarked logo next to every email you send

Sender Intelligence

Sender Intelligence takes complex forensic DMARC reports and contextualizes them to show granular information about your sending sources.


Unlock the information hidden in email headers and turn it into something you can easily work with for perfect DMARC configuration.


OnDMARC makes it easy for you to deploy MTA-STS and put a stop to cybercriminals intercepting your inbound emails.

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Build your brand with BIMI

Put your trademarked logo next to every email you send.


TalkTalk Case Study

TalkTalk enjoys 4-6% better email engagement by implementing BIMI


Wise Case Study

Wise optimizes email security and boosts deliverability with OnDMARC


Benefits of DMARC

To protect themselves from phishing and BEC attacks, organizations must adopt a multi-layered cyber strategy. The DMARC protocol is an essential part of this approach.


Simplify SPF management with automation and service resilience

Dynamic SPF solves the 10 lookup limit by enabling you to use a single dynamic include to combine all authorized services correctly at the point of query. This prevents your authorized traffic from failing SPF validation.


Overcome the 10 DNS lookup limit with Dynamic SPF

Dynamic SPF removes the need for you to have the technical knowledge required to write complex SPF records and manually edit your DNS. Simply configure your required services from within the OnDMARC app.


8 common challenges that can make your DMARC project difficult - and how to overcome them

To help you embark on your DMARC journey and achieve full compliance, we’ve identified some of the most common DMARC deployment challenges you should be aware of and provided ways for you to overcome them.


Unlock email headers to perfect DMARC with Investigate

An innovative inspection tool that helps you demystify DMARC for faster implementation and full protection


Protect your emails from Man-in-the-Middle attacks with OnDMARC's MTA-STS

Once MTA-STS has been enabled, you can use OnDMARC’s TLS Reports to gain clear insight into the volume of emails received over a given period and how many of them have experienced domain successes and failures.


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