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DSAIL - Domain-Specific AI Logic

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DSAIL - Domain-Specific AI Logic

By Jaxon AI

DSAIL systematizes the procedure of crafting intricate AI systems. It arranges diverse components like metadata, abstract concepts, requirements, and overarching frameworks. By simulating model performance, individuals can delve into design trade-offs and achieve the correct architecture from the outset.

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  • Jaxon, an AI architect, devises blueprints and guides users along the optimal path during the construction process. Functioning as an automated design tool, Jaxon assists users in constructing intricate systems, all while tackling the challenges associated with hallucination.

  • Individuals in the field of data science and software engineering seeking superpowers, analysts in search of AI guardrails, and business leaders aspiring to explore the realm of possibilities.

  • Certainly! Jaxon serves as a chat agent, providing guidance to all users throughout the development process. Additionally, Jaxon's exceptional services team is available to assist with projects or initiate your initial models.

  • Yes! Jaxon is adaptable for deployment on any cloud and/or on-premises. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating with existing environments. Deployment is as simple as executing a pip install. Moreover, the Jaxon team is proficient in assisting with the creation of custom knowledge graphs tailored to your data.

  • Security is a top priority for Jaxon. Originating from collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense, where data privacy is paramount, Jaxon surpasses standard data security measures to guarantee that your data remains exclusively yours.

  • The proprietary Domain-Specific AI Logic (DSAIL) of Jaxon serves as a fact-checker positioned between Jaxon and the LLMs. DSAIL employs a sophisticated method, subjecting all information to a Boolean satisfier to ensure the fulfillment of all constraints.