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eamli - Optimise decisions for better outcomes. Achieve big-picture objectives with one data-backed decision at a time. Learn how eamli can help you save time, money, and frustration by improving operational efficiency.

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Data overload leads to poor decisions. The results? Budgets get wasted and trust fades, causing negative effects for organisations, people, society, and the planet. Decision-makers need help as today’s world is too complex for even the most well-informed minds to get every decision right. eamli analyses millions of possibilities in ways humans can’t. Within seconds, eamli models the future so that you can see the impact of decisions before you make them.

Get a 360-degree view of all projects in progress

Stop looking through spreadsheets and reports. Get instant visibility of projects with an intuitive, easy-to-read dashboard that provides instant answers. If you wish to explore project specifics even further, you can. eamli has many view options to assess the granular details of your projects.

Better manage vendor portfolio & identify optimisations

With trillions of factors to consider, juggling multiple vendor portfolios can be bewildering even for the most experienced decision-maker. eamli’s analysis reveals opportunities in an instant, freeing decision-makers to assess options and make the decision that best optimises vendor portfolios.

View the cause and ripple effect of decisions on any project

Model the impact that decisions will have, providing you with all the “what if?” scenarios. With eamli, you can make sure the decision you make today won’t cause any adverse effects further down the road that you had not considered.

Visualise near real-time simulation modelling of decisions

eamli’s algorithms rapidly generate millions of potential outcomes, which will be shown in a holistic view on your dashboard. Any blind spots/knowledge gaps will be revealed, clearing up any confusion for you to make a well-informed decision.

Run scenarios to identify optimal decisions

Generating scenarios with eamli brings teams together as they see which decisions aid their organisation’s big-picture objectives, making shortsighted decisions a problem of the past. Every decision with eamli helps organisations get closer to their objectives while living their values.

Accelerate delivery of projects and programmes

The speed increase eamli’s decision-intelligence offers organisations has never been seen before. With a holistic view of data instantly accessible, organisations have all the information they need to make projects and programmes move much faster – freeing up more time to direct focus where it’s needed.

Align & optimise decision making top to bottom

The modern organisation has targets to hit, big-picture objectives to achieve, and values to live by. eamli learns what matters to you so that you can align every decision – no matter how big or small – to ensure everyone at your organisation is living its values while working to achieve objectives.

Release incremental funding to support greater capability

eamli dramatically reduces the risk factor around decisions. One well-informed decision after another, organisations will see their budgets go much further than they used to – freeing up space to offer greater capability delivery.

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