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By SecureDevice A/S

Easycurity - With SIEM as a Service, the customer gets a managed and hosted IBM QRadar SIEM solution that is continuously optimised and tuned.

Delivery method


With a SecureDevice SIEM as a Service agreement, the customer gets a managed and hosted IBM QRadar SIEM solution, which is continuously optimized and tuned by one of SecureDevice's own security consultants. The consultant reviews security incidents and makes ongoing recommendations and/or helps with updates, tuning, customization and setup of dashboards and reports, so that the solution is constantly optimized for the customer's IT environment and the current threat picture.

To discover advanced threats

We discover and take appropiate actions towards advanced threats before they damage critical infrastructure.

To discover internal threats and internal fraud

We discover and take appropiate actions towards internal threats and internal fraud before it damage critical procedures and business.

To anticipate risk to the business

We anticipate and evaluate from a total risk perspective.

High priority of events among billions of data points

Our platform deliver single architecture for analyzing log, flow, vulnerability, user and asset data. Near real-time correlation and behavioral anomaly detection to identify high-risk threats.

To consolidate data silos

The solution is designed to help break down data and analytics silos so data-driven decisions can be made quickly.

Automated legislation compliance

We secure that the company is compliance and in an automated way in order to save ressources and secure important processes.

Simple architecture for the analysis

The modular architecture provides real-time visibility of the IT infrastructure, which is used for threat detection and prioritization.