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eCIFM On The Go Mobile Solution

By eCIFM Solutions Inc.

eCIFM’s On The Go! Mobile solutions put IBM TRIRIGA® in the hands of your workforce. On The Go! apps untether your team from their desks, enabling in-the-moment requests, reporting, updating, and more. We currently offer eight apps for workers to use in the field, with more in development.

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Perform a multitude of tasks, including placing orders for parts, assisting in onsite inspections and audits, and coordinating project work by different workers. All On The Go! apps feature voice-to-text, online/offline modes, barcode scanners, photo documentation, and Google Maps integration. In short, they’re designed to be useful onsite companions that provide workers with on-demand access to information that let them focus on the job at hand.

Services On The Go!

A mobile application that helps workers create work orders, report time, manage inventory, audit equipment, and perform inspections in the field, syncing all their data with IBM TRIRIGA.

Space On The Go!

Space On The Go! automatically loads the assigned space survey work tasks for each person doing surveys, provides the buildings, floors, space and asset information they need and then updates the TRIRIGA database in real time or after appropriate approvals. This eliminates duplicate work and overlap that happens with more manual processes. Whatever your preferences, you’ll be able to use Space On The Go! to suit your organization’s established procedures or to improve your workflows.

Inventory On The Go!

Inventory On The Go! mobile app focuses on product inventories. The app extends IBM TRIRIGA beyond the desktop and lets your personnel visually inspect goods on the shelf. Recording findings on the spot increases accuracy, which can uncover potentially costly discrepancies.

Inspections On The Go!

The application is a convenient way to perform inspections and record data gathered during field inspections and full facility audits. Inspectors streamline the process by taking the app with them and syncing the data they collect automatically back to TRIRIGA. Inspectors can audit the usage of space and note issues down to the individual asset level, all driven by parameters and requirements customized by you for your unique asset portfolio.

Requests On The Go!

Allows anyone in your organization to note problems and instantly make service requests—and Requests On The Go! is priced so you can put it in the hands of those who’ll use it the most: the people who work in the facility. Requests On The Go! gives employees the ability to take immediate action at the first sign of anything amiss, increasing the likelihood they’ll act swiftly to report potential problems instead of waiting until they become bigger issues.

Supervisor On The Go!

Eliminates the need to wait for a Supervisor to authorize changes by ensuring that all the information required for staff resource scheduling is in one place. Supervisor On The Go! allows supervisors to manage their team’s schedule and assignments. Supervisors can review, schedule and assign or reassign any Work Orders to effectively streamline the work process and resource planning.

Approvals On The Go!

Designed for managers who need to approve work requests, clarify details prior to approval or redirect the request to another approver – all while working from their mobile device. Managers and supervisors are more accessible to their resources than ever when their input is required to move a project along. With mobility, approvers can be anywhere they need to be physically while also being where they need to be virtually, and in real time.

Projects On The Go!

App that frees Project Managers from their desktop. IBM TRIRIGA® users know how the Capital Projects module helps their companies streamline facility construction and renovations. TRIRIGA helps project managers finish on time, within budget and with reduced risk. Projects OTG! helps project managers access data from the database while at the worksite. They can see project items requiring approval and vendor change orders.