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ExpressConnect is an innovative systems integration add-on platform embedded within TRIRIGA. It facilitates industry standards-based data exchange and provides a central point for managing request-response or event-driven data exchange scenarios.

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ExpressConnect has three main components – ExpressAPI, ExpressEvent and ExpressAdaptor. The Integration platform is a fully embedded, fast, standards-driven add-on aligned with OpenAPI standards for real-time request-response data exchange. It features pre-defined search and hint operators to allow seamless data fetch, and the reusable, pre-built APIs lead to reduced delivery time and costs. Features modern in-built Open API Explorer UX app to provide seamless API reference and onboarding.

A fully embedded, fast, standards-driven integration add-on

You won't need additional computing capacity to utilise the platform. Fully embedded capability introduced through OM Packs. The API response time is improved multi-fold, allowing you to achieve reduced delay in response. The APIs are structured using the OpenAPI standards for real-time request-response data exchange. The OpenAPI standards 2.0 and 3.x are currently the most utilised API definition standards in the market.

Features pre-defined search and hint operators.

The current search options for APIs are quite complex and cover only limited scenarios. The ExpressConnect engine has a wide range of in-built operators to help extract the data simply and consistently. The "Hint Parameter" is designed to hand back the control to the API Consumers to retrieve only the required data in the required format. The "Display Parameter" allows API Consumers to control the outcome of the API by fetching additional metadata regarding performance and run-time.

Reusable, pre-built APIs to reduce delivery time and costs.

The platform offers a vast range of pre-built APIs grouped into specific API Packs. These pre-packaged APIs can significantly shorten the duration of onboarding and utilization for API Consumers. Organizations can use these pre-built APIs to achieve unprecedented acceleration in systems integration by adopting a strategic integration re-usability approach. This can considerably reduce the time-to-market for their solutions and services.

Features a modern OpenAPI Explorer UX app for API discovery

The platform features a modern in-built OpenAPI Explorer UX app to provide seamless API reference and onboarding. This doubles as dynamic online documentation and acts as a central API definition repository to help develop and test systems integration solutions.

Clever embedded cache providing accelerated response time

Embedded cache improves API response time by up to 40%. Configurable with options to keep the cache in sync.

Pre-configured REST APIs packs for various modules

Our API Packs come pre-configured with hundreds of API Paths and actions, making it easy for consumers to follow through the record lifecycle using pre-defined operators. Utilising the existing building blocks and industry standards, Organisations can considerably reduce the cost of systems integration delivery and on-boarding.

Automated OpenAPI specs generation and documentation

The OpenAPI specification and examples are generated automatically by the platform. The OpenAPI explorer is also updated through the platform as and when the APIs are evolving. This drastically reduces the need to keep many documents up to date manually. All up-to-date information is available in a central online repository to encourage self-service and aid all-round adoption of the APIs.

Streamlined OpenAPI interoperability

The OpenAPI specs produced by the platform can be used in various systems integration lifecycle tools to produce functional and lifecycle test scenarios, and the API Consumer teams can use the specification to generate client code fairly quickly. The ExpressConnect future release will include an AppConnect Enterprise connector for TRIRIGA utilising these APIs.

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