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Facebooks Movement Maps

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Facebooks Movement Maps

By Facebook

Facebook's percentage of people staying in place and change in Movement Maps

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Sep 28, 2022

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This dataset includes Facebook Movement Range Maps that are publically available to inform researchers and public health experts about how populations are responding to physical distancing measures. These datasets have two different metrics: Change in Movement and Stay Put.

The Change in Movement metric looks at how much people are moving around and compares it to a baseline period that predates most social distancing measures.

The Stay Put metric looks at the portion of the population that appears to stay within a small area surrounding their home for a single day.

People who use Facebook on a mobile device have the option of providing their precise location in order to enable products like Nearby Friends and Find Wi-Fi, and get local content and ads. Movement Range Trends are produced by aggregating and de-identifying this data. Only people who opt in to Location History and background location collection are included. People with very few location pings in a day are not informative for these trends, and, therefore, we only include people whose location is observed for a meaningful period of the day.


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