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Discover real threats, trigger automated responses amidst chaos with Accenture Federated MDR; a branch of our client security operations team. A comprehensive coverage of services which includes, • Early Detection and Response • Security Monitoring On-prem/Cloud Infrastructure Security Monitoring SaaS Security Monitoring • Security Analytics and Automation

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Accenture's Federated MDR, designed from the bottom up with common security operations concerns in mind, minimizes the burden of continual technological stack maintenance and enables responsive, cost-effective, and scalable SOC service. We offer seamless integration with the Client's security operations to improve detection, response, and remediation efforts. By getting access to Accenture's cyber-security expertise/knowledge, our clients may quickly achieve cyber resilience and maturity.

Early Detection and Response

Our platform is client sentinel on the digital frontier. It empowers with early threat detection capabilities that are second to none. By seamlessly integrating with your existing security infrastructure, it monitors your network, endpoints, and applications in real-time, ensuring no threat goes unnoticed.

Security Monitoring

Curated playbooks and use cases library: With our experience in providing MSS for over 20 years, our experienced cyber team builds, shares and maintains a catalog of detections for known tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), keeping you current on the latest threats seen in the wild.

Security Analytics and Automation

Efficiency through automation: Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities built in to deal with trivial tasks efficiently, consistently and mitigating threats at machine speed. Low noise. High-fidelity: our team will have access to the strategic, operational and tactical cyber threat intel from our global intelligence operations

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Core Services : 25 to 150+ Tickets: Solution offer multiple pricing tiers to accommodate

Choose Optional Services :Client SIEM Management, Threat Hunting, and Application Security.

Choose Optional Services: Dedicated Incident Responder