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FertilityAnswers Mobile App - AI-enabled Fertility Engagement Platform

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FertilityAnswers Mobile App - AI-enabled Fertility Engagement Platform

By Ovum Medical

Ask free fertility questions of 400-board certified medical professionals available on iOS and Android, in English and Spanish. Leverage AI to search 90,000 pieces of clinically validated content. Connect to a live fertility advocate for free. Receive personalized, AI matches to health care solutions and book telehealth appointments covered by insurance. Access the app for free.

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Ask fertility questions anonymously, book insurance-backed telehealth appointments, match to personalized solutions through AI-enabled fertility platform with board-certified clinicians. The app is free to use on iOS and 99 cents on Android. Unlimited use of the app and no in-app purchases.

Free Answers by Board Certified Doctors

Anonymously ask questions of a private network of more than 450+ board certified medical professionals- for free. Search 90,000 pieces of content.

Schedule Fertility Telehealth Consults Covered by Insurance

All of our Primary Fertility Providers (PFP) telehealth appointments are covered by insurance. Uncover what is in the way of a healthy pregnancy today and receive treatment from home so you can get pregnant tomorrow. We support you from pre-conception - 4th trimester. Healthy babies and healthy mamas make happy families.

Personalized Matches to Fertility Solutions

Your anonymous, health profile triggers an algorithm to find the best fertility optimization solutions for your unique situation. We match to naturopaths, specialty products to use at home, research opportunities, and fertility specialists. Our medical and scientific advisory board hand-selected the partners we are willing to match you to.

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Unlimited questions asked and answered for $.99 one-time fee

Live chat with fertility coaches

Personalized recommendations based on health data