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Finclude - Transforming Consumer Credit based on transactional behavior

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Finclude - Transforming Consumer Credit based on transactional behavior

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Finclude provides a pioneering pan-European credit scoring system, enabling businesses, especially in the financial sector, to evaluate consumers universally based on transactional behavior, even without a credit history. Revolutionize credit assessments and unlock expansive market opportunities with our cutting-edge solutions.

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Finclude's unique pan-European credit scoring system empowers businesses to make informed decisions, regardless of a consumer's existing credit history. As a regulated Account Information Service Provider we leverage machine learning models and access to banking data, offering businesses insights into creditworthiness, affordability, and financial behaviors. Our API suite seamlessly integrates into existing processes, promoting digital onboarding, compliance and expansion of addressable markets.

Universal Credit Assessment

Assess consumers based on transactional behavior, ensuring inclusive, forward-looking evaluations irrespective of credit history.

Regulation & Licensing Compliance

Licensed as an Account Information Service Provider under PSD2, we guarantee a regulated, GDPR-compliant system, with access to banking data across the European Economic Area.

Holistic Consumer View

Our algorithms derive key insights from consumer data, providing a comprehensive 360° perspective on their financial portfolio including creditworthiness, salary, and more.

Streamlined Digital Onboarding

Our API suite allows businesses to accelerate digital processes, ensuring swift customer integration while adhering to regulatory standards.

Market Expansion & Upselling

Broaden your reach by targeting an untapped market segment. Finclude's solutions not only expand addressable markets but also promote upselling and cross-selling to existing customers.

Financial Verification & Personalization

Validate essential financial information and tailor offerings based on behavioral insights, leading to improved customer engagement and service personalization.

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Instant Access & Flexibility: Start immediately without upfront fees; only pay for what you use.

Seamless Integration: Easy API integration into existing systems for quick deployment and results.

Data-Driven Insights: Realtime creditworthiness & affordability evaluations for informed decisions.