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Certified enterprise ready

It is a powerful tool for connecting apps, integrating data, building APIs, and acting on events.

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OpenShift 4.6

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App Connect combines the functions of an enterprise service bus (ESB) with an agile integration architecture (AIA), which takes advantage of microservices to deploy integration artifacts. This approach allows you to deploy a multitude of flexible integration patterns. App Connect provides a zero-code approach to building integrations, but also allows expert integrators to write their own custom code. App Connect Enterprise has been a market-leading integration solution for the past 20 years.

Application and data integration

Use App Connect to copy and synchronize data automatically between on-premises and cloud-based applications, without worrying about mismatched sources, formats, and standards. For example, your business might need to sync customer data between a SaaS CRM system and an on-premises database.

Support for multiple integration styles

App Connect supports a wide range of integration styles, including event-driven processing, APIs, and batch processing.

High performance and scalability

App Connect is a high performance, multi-threaded, and highly scalable solution, with built-in support for IBM MQ and Kafka messaging.

Multiple transformations

Use App Connect’s any-to-any connectivity to integrate message formats and protocols, including industry-specific standards. Take advantage of multiple transformation options, including graphical mapping, ESQL, Java, and user-defined node extensions.

Hybrid cloud capabilities

App Connect is a hybrid multi-cloud solution that uses App Connect Enterprise switch servers and callable flow technology to integrate cloud-based and on-premises applications.

User-centred design

App Connect’s user-centred design enables users to start integration projects with no coding or training.

Inclusive pricing

The price of App Connect includes all features, including all connectors, with no hidden or extra charges.

Hundreds of pre-built connectors

App Connect gives you access to hundreds of pre-built connectors so that integration users can focus on business logic.

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