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Offers a portfolio of IBM Education solutions delivered through IBM Open Labs credits, targeted at supporting academic computing, classroom instruction, and student and faculty learning needs.

Delivery method


Provides comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure and services to move the client’s academic and research lab compute environment to cloud. It empowers students’ learning and researchers’ work by transforming their university computing environment with modern cloud-based solutions that enable the university to align with enterprise digital transformation and journey to cloud initiatives.

Feature-rich student & faculty portal

Powerful customized portal for students & faculty to manage reservations, create & update software images and collaborate with other researchers, developers, and IT architects.

IBM Cloud for Education Applications Lab

Virtualize campus computer labs to support distance learning with IBM Cloud for Education Applications Lab, built on robust IBM Cloud®. It is a fully managed service.

IBM Cloud for Education Community

Join our network of educational institutions and partners working together to integrate cloud and cognitive technologies into campus classrooms and research centers. Collaborating with IBM researchers, developers and IT architects, our community helps each member maximize the benefits of cloud and cognitive computing investments.

IBM Cloud University Program

Take advantage of the many resources that IBM Cloud provides to help educators prepare students for careers, and help researchers advance human knowledge. IBM Cloud can deliver cloud-based technologies and services to advance a university's research agenda and classroom curricula. The IBM Cloud university relations team can assist with educational workshops and hackathons, along with other forms of support.

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