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IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection

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IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection


Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection is an expertly crafted AI Recipe to analyze multivariate time series data such as sensor data. These innovative AI Recipes predict lower and upper values, encapsulating the target variable or signal within the user's specified probability or confidence level. Any deviation of the measured target variable outside this interval is identified as an anomaly.

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RHEL 7, 8

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Embrace the future of real-time IoT data management. Employ our AI Recipe to automate monitoring of multi-variate, real-time time series data effortlessly gathered in IBM Maximo Monitor. Harness the immense power of AI automation to seamlessly discover the optimal prediction algorithm, putting the tools for intelligent decision-making at your fingertips. Experience the instant generation of upper and lower limits for monitored signals, providing real-time insights into potential anomalies.

Automated AI Model Discovery

We simplify and automate the entire model training process. Our Recipe is engineered to encode model specifications and parameters, serving as the catalyst to jumpstart the model training journey. Enjoy the convenience of automated model training and tuning capabilities powered by Ray, ensuring that your focus remains on defining the core business problems.

Auto-Configure Anomaly Threshold

The best AI Model is fortified with the precision of conformal prediction statistical methods. This enhancement generates a lower and upper bound that effectively encapsulates the target variable with a robust 95% probability under normal operation conditions – ensuring reliability and accuracy in non-anomalous scenarios.

Seamless Model Deployment in Maximo Monitor

Transforming your Anomaly Model into an ONNX representation, we offer a streamlined deployment process into IBM Maximo Monitor's Streaming Pipeline for real-time monitoring.

IBM Maximo Application Suite Compatibility

Compatible with IBM Maximo Application Suite v8.10/v8.11 and all subsequent patches. Not currently compatible with IBM Maximo Application Suite as a Service.

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