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This product automates application deployments through environments. It is designed to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery in agile development while providing the audit trails, versioning, and approvals needed in production.

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OpenShift 4.5+

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UrbanCode Deploy automates and orchestrates consistent deployments and rollbacks of applications across servers, tiers and components, including configuration and security differences across environments. Also provisions, updates, and de-provisions cloud environments with its cloud Blueprint Designer. Using inventory capability, UrbanCode Deploy provides clear visibility into what is deployed where and who changed what. More than 200 plugins; integrates with many of the tools you have.

Continuous Delivery

Integrate with build and test tools to automatically deploy, test and promote new builds as part of the continuous delivery process. Use one of hundreds of free plugins. Integrations are provided for application servers, load balancers, databases, testing tools, build servers and more. No need for custom scripting. Incremental updates are possible to all platforms, including IBM z systems.

Production Deployments

For some environments, deployments may not be allowed until some conditions are met. UrbanCode Deploy provides Environment Quality Gates as well as Approval Processes to help you ensure that only the right stuff goes out at the right time. Use UrbanCode Deploy to orchestrate complex production deployments of applications and configuration with governance.

Scalable Deployment Automation

UrbanCode Deploy is built and proven to support mission-critical deployments to tens of thousands of servers in numerous data centers. Master server clustering support provides high availability and horizontal scalability of the deployment automation tool.

Deploy to Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud

Using the blueprint designer, you can model cloud environments and how your applications are deployed to those environments in a simple graphical editor. You connect to clouds, model the virtual images in the environment, and add your application components to those images. Then, you can provision environments and deploy the application components automatically and on demand.

Multi-Tier Application Models

Modern applications are often made up of many components. Perhaps a three-tier application with database, app and content components. Or a mobile application with the actual mobile application and back-end web services. Or dozens of containerized microservices ... even related collections of batch programs are seen as a logical application. UrbanCode Deploy tracks which components make up an application so they can be deployed and tracked together.

Deploy to IBM Z

UrbanCode Deploy for z is like UCD for distributed systems – it uses the server and agents, process designer and plug-ins. The primary difference is the format of the UrbanCode Deploy component. For z Systems, the UrbanCode Deploy component understands deployment artifacts as datasets. The z toolkit is used to collect executables into datasets from build systems like Endevor, Changemen, Jenkins, or IBM DBB to form a ship list for deploying to z/OS. Datasets can be expressed in yaml.

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The UrbanCode Deploy Virtual Server manages your automated deployments

Install the Managed Virtual Servers (Agents) on the deployment endpoints

Together the Virtual Server and Managed Virtual Servers are needed for your deployment automation

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