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KMG IBP - Integrated Business Planning

By KMG Analytics

Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

KMG IBP address the need for agile and accurate planning cycles to effectively deal with business challenges. By integrating sensitive processes as Demand, Supply and Finance Planning, IBP address the need of continous planning at the speed of business. IBP also adds value by providing decision capabilities through scenario planning and what-if analysis.

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RHEL 7, 8

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Today, any company cannot cope with disruptions and market shifts by doing basic business planning in error-prone, disconnected spreadsheets. To maximize profits, companies need to integrate the supply chain, demand planning and financial planning in an robust solution with native capabilities to simulate several business scenarios as well as doing what-if analysis. KMG IBP, based on IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, enables the Sales and Operations Planning at the speed of business.

Integrated Demand and Supply Planning

A common platform for those critical processes to ensure data integrity, real time calculations and machine learning algorithms to maximize accuracy in all plans.

Simulate unlimited business scenarios

A robust solution that let the users to create several business scenarios for each plan (demand plan, sales plan, supply chain plan, financial plan and consensus plan). Also, user can create various sandboxes to evaluate critical business variables (what-if analysis)

Use as much data as you need

KMG IBP can run calculations by using a detailed level of granularity of company data (i.e. SKU level). Also, the solution enables the data input at any level, so the user can do top-down planning as well as bottom-up planning according his needs.

Applied Machine Learning for accuracy

IBP uses several machine learning algorithms that give the business user the ability to increase his forecasting accuracy. Also, the solution have a optimization engine to maximize or minimize specific Supply Chain variables to maximize profits while achieving the desired market service level agreements.

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100Gb storage

4 proccesors

64Mb or RAM memory (128GB recommended)