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Insurance Claims Bot

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Insurance Claims Bot

By Tovie AI

Enhance customer experience using an Insurance Claims Bot: boost the rate of successful insurance claim processing at the first call

Delivery method


Improve the end-to-end CX with an Insurance Claims Bot. People are reluctant to spend hours on the line and go through even more stress when contacting an insurance company. The Bot can be contacted via several channels at any time. The bot guides the customer through the entire claims process till it is settled. This results in an Increased level of automation, improved customer experience, faster claims settlement, increased cross-selling, less churn, and better revenues.

First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

The utilization of a text or voice bot is crucial when it comes to filing a claim. The Insurance Claims Bot serves as an exclusive virtual assistant accessible 24/7/365. You can effortlessly engage with it within seconds, regardless of your location.

File claim

The Insurance Bot offers comprehensive guidance to users throughout the entire claim process, including document verification. As a result, you can significantly minimize the time spent on completing forms and submitting necessary paperwork.

Update claim

At any given time, you can contact the Insurance Claims Bot to update your application; and the bot promptly notifies customers if any additional details are needed. In cases where necessary, the bot transfers the conversation to a human agent.

Validate claim

The Insurance Bot can ensure that claims are validated by extracting relevant information from the documents

Track claim

The Insurance Claims Bot intelligently monitors the progress of claims, allowing customers to easily inquire about the status of their claims through a conversational interface.

Notifications on Claim Status

The Bot provides proactive notifications