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By Internet Sciences Inc.

Internet Sciences' IoTIMAX Network Framework simplifies IIoT planning. It integrates device, software, and network lifecycle management from various manufacturers. Its custom solutions optimize performance, design, configuration and security. Its data integration enhances analytics and throughput, encryption and access protocols to ensure robust security.

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IoTIMAX Network Framework simplifies IoT management: devices, data storage, processing, visualization. Its customized dashboards, reports, key indicators offer insights and predictive analytics, support process improvement. It integrates cloud and local data for non-specialized decision-makers. Robust security, purpose-built for Industrial IoT with scientific methods, mathematical models and data analytics.

Real-time insight

Data is analyzed and processed as it is generated or received, enabling immediate insights and actions. Various AI/ML techniques can be employed to identify patterns, trends, or anomalies in the data.

Decision Management

IoTIMAX facilitates effective decision making by processing and gaining insights into unstructured and raw data.

Data Analytics

IoTIMAX processes and analyzes data generated by IoT devices and sensors to derive valuable insights.

Data optimization

IoTIMAX optimizes throughput to improve the processes of data transport across IoT devices.

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