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Adaptive Integration Fabric

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Adaptive Integration Fabric

By Adaptigent

Certified enterprise ready

True drag and drop mainframe integration that quickly connects legacy mainframe systems with modern and cloud-based applications to dramatically accelerate modernization. (Adaptive Integration Fabric is formerly known as Ivory Service Architect.)

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Creates and maintains powerful APIs through a drag-and-drop interface that does not require mainframe experience. Not only can you facilitate access to legacy systems and data, it allows COBOL and PL/I programs to easily make API calls out to other systems without writing any code. It is flexible enough be deployed across a variety of applications - including OpenShift - and is Operator certified. Extend access to legacy systems and reduce your mainframe TOC today!

No-code, drag and drop platform.

Quickly create REST and SOAP APIs without mainframe coding experience. You can streamline your development processes and create effortless integrations in a fraction of the time of other methods.

Make outbound calls from the mainframe.

In addition to making inbound calls, you can easily call out to external APIs from COBOL and PL/I programs - all without mainframe coding.

Create orchestrated Smart APIs.

Unlike standard APIs, Smart APIs allow you to call multiple services and apply a workflow to the transactions, all from a single API.

Enable low-latency real-time integrations.

Latency is reduced by consolidating the multiple round trips usually required in calling legacy systems into powerful Smart APIs.

Facilitate phased application migration.

Easily service-enable transactions to not only create an effortless integration today, but also creates a path for phased application migration by enabling new applications to access legacy mainframe applications.

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Transaction pricing for low workload volumes

Built for Z/OS and Z/VSE Mainframes

Limited to 50,000 transactions per month

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