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GENIE is one of the top enterprise AR solutions, that uses AR work instructions at scale to improve frontline worker productivity. With iX Genie, you can display high-polygon content, stream full AR or VR apps, and support AR/VR glasses, smartphones, and tablets with cross-platform compatibility.

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Provides a full AR portfolio to construct AI-enhanced visual inspection checks, record and distribute expert knowledge on-the-job, leverage current product data for CAD-based AR work instructions at scale, and provide real-time remote assistance to frontline workers. iX Genie lays the groundwork for businesses to incorporate augmented reality into current workflows, procedures, and systems.

iX Build

We create immersive 3D experiences without needing any programming knowledge. Streamline workflows and optimize training as well as increase safety standards. Plus, it's easier than ever to convert your existing CAD and IoT data into practical and informative instructions that are easily digestible by your team. Breaking down complex instructions into simpler steps and converting large projects into smaller actionable steps can make a huge difference in the overall success of the project

iX Skill

We create effective AR-enabled instructions quickly and easily to empower frontline staff. Scale your workforce's skills now to efficiently up skill and train your staff. Digitize & simplify the process to ensure workforce success Ensure that processes are carried out in accordance with safety rules. Utilize more potent digital training strategies to keep production running at peak efficiency.

iX Assist

With remote assistance, you can transform the way your team works. Move from traditional, slow-moving processes to fast, iterative problem solving. Real time mark up on screens to guide techs to navigate through procedures Encrypted SaaS content shared only between the session experts Network & collaborate with experts in a single session for rapid resolutions

iX Flow

Create step-by-step augmented reality work instructions for the most important operations in your company, change them, publish them, and grow them. Workflow Optimization Stay Current and Compliant Reduce Skill Gap

iX Twin

Digital Twins to overcome some of the challenges in the areas of Improving productivity, sustainability efforts, increase data visibility. Enhance supply chain agility, reduce product time to market, increase product quality and drive operational efficiency.

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