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Kivuto Cloud provides a one-stop shop for managing and distributing software in education. Kivuto’s platform and managed services make it easy for institutions to manage licenses and for students, faculty, and staff to securely access all software, eBooks, and other digital resources they need.

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Give your students, staff, and educators easy, one-stop access to all the software and eBooks they need. Kivuto works with schools, vendors, and publishers to transform how digital resources are managed and delivered in education.

Provide One-Stop Access to Software

Eliminate confusion by making all software available in one place.

Recover and Manage Costs

Offset licensing costs while making software more affordable for students.

Centrally Manage All Software

Automate and streamline processes to free up IT resources.

Protect Privacy and Enforce Compliance

Safeguard student, staff, and faculty PII, and ensure your business rules are enforced.

Automated Provisioning/Deprovisioning

Automate the lifecycle management of software subscriptions and SaaS offerings to minimize back-end work.

Interdepartmental Billing

Process interdepartmental billing and track chargebacks for accurate accounting.

Improved Visibility

Leverage on-demand reports for insights into product demand to inform procurement and avoid over-purchasing.

Fraud Prevention and Eligibility Verification

Ensure that only eligible individuals can access the software your institution has paid to license in compliance with vendor terms and conditions.