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"isfinancial" stands for a combination of different technologies under one platform. Tools are available for the construction of business applications that offer much more than just the implementation of workflow support. The tools have been specially designed to for the implementation of digitisation in regulated industries and allow a simple development and continous optimisation.

Software version


Delivery method


Quickly configurable - the configuration tools were made for experts from the "line of business". Compared to traditional application development methods, 80% of the time and costs can be saved by eliminating programming. Expandable at any time - the system is geared towards a constant need for change. Universally applicable - Business applications are always 100% tailored to the needs of the respective use case.

Domain models (ontologies)

The business entities of an application area and their relationships to each other are documented in the form of ontologies in isfinancial. These domain models are created in a defined subset of the standardized description language RDF/OWL in App Designer. For each client, you can also use several descriptive models that build on each other.


The ViewFactory is a component integrated in App Designer for creating user views (e.g. forms, sections, navigation entries). All interface modules can be defined without specific implementation details (such as the control to be used, or validation rules). Rather, the ViewFactory uses the background knowledge of the domain models to configure the corresponding UI elements at runtime. In this way, the knowledge about the entities contained in the domain models can be used automatically.

Report Designer

The Report Designer is a graphically supported tool for creating reporting definitions. The Report Designer has a direct connection to the data services of the runtime, so that the development of report definitions can be directly linked to test data from development systems.

User Management

isfinancial does not have an independent component for managing users and user groups. Rather, a connection to an external user directory service is required. During runtime, the available user and group information is synchronized and permanently stored in the isfinancial database. This step is necessary in order to be able to compile change histories without gaps.

Application Management

All solution artifacts are organized as (business) applications at the top level. Within an application, you can also define additional tracks (for the isolation of different development strands). Each application must provide one or more namespaces for the definition of domain objects as well. isfinancial provides access to all administrative options associated with the lifecycle of an application. In addition to the initial creation, access to tracking and namespaces is also provided.

Revision logging & history

isfinancial ensures a compliant mapping of business processes through end-to-end historization (down to the data field level). An instance-based Access Control List enables the mapping of search, read and write rights for users or user groups that are aligned with the respective process context.

Generic Domain Services

Easily integrate with extisting core or 3rd party systems with a standardized interface for all operations on the domain model.