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Replace your legacy mainframe SCM software with a user-friendly, highly customizable and cost-effective DevOps (CI/CD) solution. Modernize your z/OS mainframe development environment.

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  • Jenkins is an automation engine that requires scripting expertise to use it as a DevOps (CI/CD) tool, it also requires a lot of third party extensions in order to be a complete solution.

    Kobee on the other hand is a complete DevOps (CI/CD) solution that has everything built in, ranging from tool connectivity (issue tracking, version control,...), Life Cycle Management, build tools support, approval/notification system, and much more... Yet, while Kobee provides all these features by default and guides the users with best practices it remains highly customizable too.

  • Depending on the level of customization, this can range from three weeks to up to a few months.

  • Kobee is able to support many development domains provided that there are dedicated Kobee Phases available (purchased from IKAN or developed by you) for the target domain.

    You can also have mainframe development projects connected to distributed (Java, etc...) development projects traveling through the life cycle together, by using the project dependency feature.