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Certified enterprise ready

Kubernetes Messaging Platform. Message broker and message queue with ready to use connectors, bridges, and control center.

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KubeMQ platform provides a full messaging solution for enterprises using Red Hat OpenShift to create their microservices applications, extending OpenShift’s capabilities to provide Kubernetes native messaging driven architecture. Bridge, replicate, or aggregate Kubernetes clusters across cloud environments, on-premise deployments, and the edge. KubeMQ platform provides a rich set of connectors to instantly connect microservices with cloud web and external services within the cluster.

Kubernetes Native

Innovative and modern message queue and message broker in a lightweight container developed to run in Kubernetes, certified in the CNCF landscape and connect natively to the cloud-native ecosystem. It can be deployed on Kubernetes, MicroK8s, K3s as well as on the edge.

Ease of use with OpenShift

One-click deployment for Red Hat OpenShift users through a certified Operator. Developer friendly by simple to use SDKs and elimination of the many developers and DevOps-centered challenges to define exchanges, brokers, channels, routes, and predefined topics.

One messaging platform for all use cases

Saves the need to maintain multiple messaging platforms for different use cases. KubeMQ supports all messaging patterns such as Queue, Stream, Pub/Sub (With or without Persisted Volume) and RPC.

Hybrid Environments

KubeMQ enables the microservices from multiple environments to communicate with each other and build one hybrid infrastructure solution across clouds, on-prem, and at the edge.

Additional features

Scales instantly - All nodes are active and serve traffic. Built-in Caching, Metrics, and Tracing. gRPC, Rest and WebSocket Transport protocols with TLS support (both RPC and Stream modes). .Net, Java, Python, Go and NodeJS SDKs. Monitoring dashboard

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Plans starting at

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Full Enterprise Edition functionality

Subscription, based on number of application instances

Yearly subscription

Unlimited messages and connections

Bridges (Kafka, SQS, MSMQ, RabbitMQ)

Connectors (Redis, MSSQL, Postgres, MySQL, ElasticSearch)

Support 24x7x365

Authentication and authorization

Multi-cluster connection


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