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Akka Platform Operator

By Lightbend, Inc

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Akka Platform enables you to deliver responsive, globally consistent systems at scale, backed by self-healing protocols that automatically protect your business systems—from code to cluster.

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Lightbend is leading the enterprise transformation toward real-time, cloud-native applications. Our mission is to help our clients become real-time enterprises with systems that combine the scalability and resilience of microservices architecture with the real-time value of streaming data. We are the authors of the Reactive Manifesto. Lightbend is the company behind OSS app frameworks Akka, Play and Lagom, streaming data pipelines framework Cloudflow, serverless project Cloudstate and Scala.

Scalable Cloud Native Application Frameworks and Runtimes

Lightbend is the Reactive Cloud Native Application Company. Lightbend Akka, Play and Lagom are microservices frameworks that offer unlimited scale. Lightbend cloud native apps automatically adjust based on the number of events in the system. This elastic feature inherent in the Lightbend's Akka, Play and Lagom removes the need for developers to manually interact with an application to increase or decrease resources.

Reactive Microservices

Akka Platform includes toolkits and frameworks for developing reactive microservices in both Java and Scala. This includes: Akka - A powerful toolkit for building distributed systems Akka Streams - A framework for describing and running streams built in Akka Alpakka - A library of integrations for Akka Streams Cloudflow - Quickly build and run streaming data pipelines Play - A full-feature web framework built with Akka Http Lagom - A guided framework for building reactive microservices

Real-Time Streaming and Machine Learning

Cloudflow provides a set of integrated open source technologies featuring all the tools and documentation you need to create streaming data pipelines, perform real-time data analytics, serve machine learning models, and build machine learning pipelines on Openshift. Apache Spark, with the Spark Operator; Apache Kafka, with the Strimzi Operator; Certified integration of Apache Flink; Certified integration of Kubeflow for full machine learning lifecycle management

Lightbend Observability

Features that work together to provide deep observability & operational insights for Akka Platform Lightbend Telemetry - Deep Play, Akka, Lagom app instrumentation, distributed tracing & a variety of open source & vendor monitoring integrations Lightbend Developer Sandbox - local developer visualizations with installed dashboards for Lightbend Telemetry Lightbend Console - A dashboard for Openshift with cluster & Pipelines visualization pre-configured Grafana & smart alerts

Cloud Native Application Resilience Tools

Features that work together to ensure that Akka Platform is the most operationally robust solution for deploying microservices built with Akka &/or Lagom Configuration Checker - Detect configuration mistakes; Split Brain Resolver - Advanced failure-recovery for Lagom & Akka Clustered apps; KubernetesLease - Data consistency protection for Lagom & Akka on Openshift; Thread Starvation Detector - Flag performance bottlenecks Diagnostics Recorder - Facilitates enhanced support from Lightbend


Lightbend Platform also includes support for the Scala language. Lightbend offers Scala support directly from the team that builds the Scala compiler. Scala 2.12 - Scala combines object-oriented and functional programming in one concise, high-level language. sbt - The interactive build tool for Scala, Java and more. Fortify SCA for Scala - a compiler integrated Static App Security Testing (SAST) solution. This plugin automatically identifies code-level security vulnerabilities.

Akka Split Brain Resolver

In distributed systems, failures are inevitable and can take many forms. Network partitions are of particular concern, as they can result in “split brain” scenarios where a single cluster splits into multiple clusters that are not able to communicate. For Lagom and Akka Cluster, this has the potential to duplicate or even corrupt data. Split Brain Resolver provides automatic and fast recovery for Akka Clusters experiencing failures.

Akka Thread Starvation Detector

Thread Starvation is one of the most common causes of poor performance in reactive systems. Akka Thread Starvation Detector monitors scheduling and execution time in Akka to detect system bottlenecks. When a bottleneck is detected, a warning is logged with a stack trace identifying the threads that are blocked.

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VPC-based pricing, unlimited tickets, 24x7x365 worldwide support.

Support for Lightbend Platform Production Tooling - Telemetry, Developer Sandbox, Lightbend Console.

Support for Kafka, Spark, Flink within Lightbend Cloudflow deployments.

Support for Lightbend Split Brain Resolver, Thread Starvation Detector, Configuration Checker.

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