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By BPD Zenith

MaxiCloud: The fully managed, cutting-edge EAM solution powered by Maximo. Flexible asset management and licensing with award-winning industry accelerators and exclusive enhancements, built-in. Secure infrastructure, support, and maintenance. Scalable and cost-effective asset management, AI-powered insights, real-time analytics. Streamlined processes for optimal performance

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Supercharge your asset management with MaxiCloud. Streamline processes, optimize performance, and gain real-time insights with our cutting-edge EAM solution. Boost productivity, enhance decision-making, and maximize the value of your assets. Experience seamless integration, robust analytics, and AI-powered automation. Drive efficiency, reduce downtime, and unlock the full potential of your organization. Embrace the future of asset management with MaxiCloud today.

MaxiCloud Industry Accelerators

BPD's Maximo Accelerator solutions provide an enhanced platform to support industry best practices by using preconfigured templates. As a result, Maximo is up and running quicker and at less cost than a standard implementation and delivers value quicker across the enterprise. This includes: Industry-specific pre-configuration Capital Planning Module Workflows Rental/Repairs Process Start Centres Risk Matrix Role-Based Security KPIs Many More!

MaxiCloud 'Essentials' toolkit

MaxiCloud Essentials is an add-on to the core MaxiCloud solution that embeds additional functionality to make Maximo more efficient, and enjoyable, for users and administrators – available only in MaxiCloud! These include: LYA Health Monitor Drag & Drop Attachments Role-Based Start Centres Risk Matrix Priority Selection Capital Planning Sharepoint Adaptor ...Many More!

MaxiCloud Infrastructure & Support

Services, support, improvements, and innovations are fully managed by BPD Zeniths Global Infrastructure Team, with over 10 years of experience delivering first-class cloud solutions. Guaranteeing high concurrency, multiple environments, and robust SLAs, MaxiCloud ensures security, change management, and business continuity. Whether your needs have been identified during implementation, a consultancy review, or a one-off enhancement - our Hardware and Infrastructure team are there to assist.

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