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MaxProcure Vendor Portal for Maximo

MaxProcure Vendor Portal for Maximo logo
MaxProcure Vendor Portal for Maximo logo

MaxProcure Vendor Portal for Maximo

By MaxProcure

Modernize your procurement processes and achieve stunning ROI with proven procure-to-pay automation for Maximo. Send POs, RFQs, payment status, and documents to your vendors, and receive order confirmations, delivery dates, revision requests, price quotes, and invoices in Maximo from your vendors with zero effort. The Vendor Portal works natively with MAS and Maximo 7.6 with nothing to install.

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Did you know that other organizations have stopped doing procurement and A/P the manual old-fashioned way in Maximo and now save thousands of labor hours every year? That's in addition to getting competitive prices for goods and services, and making their vendors happy by giving them a professional and easy way to process quotes, purchase orders, and invoices. Visit to determine your savings with our quick and easy ROI calculator and then RSVP for a live demo today!

IBM Maximo Application Suite Compatibility

All versions currently supported by IBM, including MAS and Maximo 7.6.

Proven High ROI Automation for Maximo

Case studies show significant direct cost savings for Maximo organizations like yours. Contact us for an ROI Calculator that you can use to determine your savings.

Automatic Price Quotes for your PRs

MaxProcure can turn any Purchase Requisitions that meet your criteria for getting current pricing or for competitive bidding into RFQs automatically.

Vendor Delivery Dates in Maximo for every PO Line

You probably rarely get vendor delivery dates for materials or services recorded on your PO Lines to drive maintenance planning and scheduling. With MaxProcure every PO Line will be updated with your vendor's delivery date.

Supports Vendor PO Negotiation Option

When vendors need to request a change to a PO, either before accepting your order or after acceptance, they can submit this request to you via the MaxProcure Portal. The request will be recorded in Maximo for your PO and your buyers will be made aware of the request and can choose to Revise and reissue the PO.

Never Rekey an Invoice into Maximo Again

The Vendor Portal makes it possible for you to get out of the business of rekeying data for your vendors. This optional feature allows vendors to send invoices directly to you, so they will be waiting in Maximo for your review and Maximo's standard 3-way matching. MaxProcure even retrieves invoices you enter for your vendors and aggregates those in the portal so that the vendor can see all order invoicing and know where they stand on the total invoiced amount.

Built for Maximo - Be Live in 1 Hour

MaxProcure was built for Maximo 7.6 and MAS. Because it uses the Maximo REST API that you already have in place in your Maximo system, there is nothing for you to install and you can begin using the MaxProcure vendor portal in no time.